Nov 12, 2010

Shadow Healing Share


What is Shadow?

Those aspects of “self” which are not yet in light.
We have all been hurt in our lives, some people more than others, and we have learned to hide parts of personalities so we don’t get hurt again. The Shadow Self can be thought of as the repressed or denied parts of the self. Imagine that we are all born with a “360 degree personality.” When we were young, we expressed every aspect of this personality, without any thought of holding any arts back. But as we grew up, we learned to suppress some of this personality as it was deemed unacceptable by our peers. If you were punished for getting angry, laughed at for crying, or ridiculed for being proud of yourself. We learn to suppress these parts of our self; the ones that got us hurt.
These are the Shadows, the parts of ourselves that are not in the light, they are hidden away while we try to forget about them. They can be positive or negative traits, but they are denied parts of the self that we are trying to ignore, and are afraid to show people.

Key Words When Tuning Into Your Body
I can hear tones, notes in my left ear, trying to come in

Mouth sealed up

Thymus Chakra very blocked

I can see barbed wire around your throat area

Pain in heart area, blocked, no joy, no expression

Left wrist broken off

Areas of the Body to Focus On

Crown- “Not letting the love in, only drops of it”

Human Self / Planet Earth Arrival Integration Assimilation

Shadow Aspect is Disappointment

Transmuted into Fulfilment

Thymus - “Scared of the power within”

All Directions Support

Shadow Aspect is Control

Transmuted into Surrender

Heart- “The loss of love keeps me disconnected from Source”

Thymus Chakra Stargate Activation

Shadow Aspect is Abandonement

Transmuted into Oneness

Then we begin the healing

Crown I can literally see a whole galaxy sitting above your head. It’s like your very connected to this place and you are not opening up your Crown to receiving the messages and knowledge and energy that this Star Family is offering you. It is a very ancient star system that you are tapped into since birth. Something scared you and you shut down that doorway, that gateway into another dimension. Did you astro-travel when you were younger, and get freaked out? I’m being drawn to your early teenage years and a weegee board. Something freaked you out. I chant the geometry and I’m seeing like a beam projecting out of your crown into the nights sky. You are a star reader, an oracle and you give information to a great many people. You are very highly respected in this work. You are Annunakai. This feels like Egypt area but much older times. You hold a great guilt from this time as you were a far-seer and you did not predict the downfall of Atlantis and how it would affect the people. So much yawning and releasing from this time. I chant the Shadow card and see an ariel come out of your crown with many arms and receivers on it. The only way to describe what I’m seeing is like an umbrella, without the material, just the metal frame, but pushed out the wrong way like when you get caught in the wind. I see the swirling galaxy and the information comes down your ariels like lightening. I ask if this is ok, is it meant to be like this and I’m told yes, it has to travel a great distance to reach you.

Thymus I start by chanting the card and I do some very big yawns, lots of releasing very old stuff. I see your thymus area with metal petals over it. Very pretty, it’s a nice job you have done on it. It looks like a metal flower petal pattern but it is sealing and blocking over your Thymus Chakra. You have shut it down so nothing can get in or out, that way nobody gets hurt. Your galactic crew comes in and I’m told they are Arcadian. There are 4 of them who begin to work on you, removing this device on your throat/thymus area. The Arcadian beings gently touch the tips of the petalled symbol on your thymus. They have very long and delicate spindly white fingers and as they touch you, the symbol lights up and ripples and slowly begins to lift up. It’s like seeing a bit of paper on top of the surface of water. As they lift the symbol up I see it’s just like a sticker placed over the top of something much more complex. I chant the Shadow card to get more information. The sticker layer is very gently and lovingly removed and I see what can only be described as a rusty instrument filled to the brim with black oil. When I ask what it is I’m looking at, I am shown the bit that is no longer there, and I’m seeing an airship in your chest, throat, thymus, heart. The energetic remains of a star ship. The 4 Arcadian beings join in a circle and begin swaying from side to side, chanting, almost like in a trance. Mmmm – mmmmm – mmmmm it’s like listening to a washing machine on a slow cycle. We sway from side to side and as they chant this ship slowly starts to raise out of your chest area. It’s epic! It’s huge! It’s like removing the Titanic! As it comes out further and further I can see the sheer scale of this ship. We continue to sway and chant until every inch of it is out of your body. There is a swampy, muddy residue left behind that they then begin to work on. Once again their long spindly hands come out and work over that area of your body. They have such a loving energy, so much love and respect for you for you, I’m really enjoying being in their presence. You are one of their High Council beings who has come back to Earth to experience 3D once more.

Heart I’m told we worked on this at the same time as your thymus. You are being left in the healing room overnight to help with your recovery period. It’s like you’re just had major surgery. I look to where the muddy area was around your heart and I see fireworks come flying out. I ask what this means, and I’m told it is a celebration, that that life-times trauma has finally been removed from your energy field.

If you are interested in booking a Shadow Healing
Please contact Kushla

Shadow Healing Share

25th October 2010

What is Shadow?

Those aspects of “self” which are not yet in light.
We have all been hurt in our lives, some people more than others, and we have learned to hide parts of personalities so we don’t get hurt again. The Shadow Self can be thought of as the repressed or denied parts of the self. Imagine that we are all born with a “360 degree personality.” When we were young, we expressed every aspect of this personality, without any thought of holding any arts back. But as we grew up, we learned to suppress some of this personality as it was deemed unacceptable by our peers. If you were punished for getting angry, laughed at for crying, or ridiculed for being proud of yourself. We learn to suppress these parts of our self; the ones that got us hurt.
These are the Shadows, the parts of ourselves that are not in the light, they are hidden away while we try to forget about them. They can be positive or negative traits, but they are denied parts of the self that we are trying to ignore, and are afraid to show people.

Key Words When Tuning Into Your Body

Connected in with your grounding chord, but you were not up, you were up and way off diagonally, and I was told you are in another dimension

You had 3 golden rings around each wrist

You have a star on your 3rd eye

You’re looking very alien

There is a loud humming noise playing in my head, changing keys, almost like chanting

There is an energetic blanket over your stomach area, hiding something underneath. Im told you have been operated on many times before

I see a spike in your right knee

I see what looks like smoke machine down by your feet, creating another masking layer to hide behind. You’re being very secretive with what you’re doing

Areas of the Body to Focus On

3rd Eye- “Opening up to inter-dimensional travel”

Stellar Origins / Soul Blueprint

Shadow Aspect is Abandonment

Transmuted into Oneness

Heart - “Breaking free from the pain of the past”

Mer Ka Ba Lightbody Integration Activation

Shadow Aspect is Addiction

Transmuted into Independence

Sacral- “The eternal womb”

All Directions Support

Shadow Aspect is Disappointment

Transmuted into Fulfilment

Knees - “Needing to take a giant leap forward”

Cellular Regeneration and Purification

Shadow Aspect is Shame

Transmuted into Self Acceptance

Then we begin the healing

3rd Eye When I tune into your third eye I’m seeing like a black hole, created by some kind of blast wound. It’s very spacey, like a portal, a wormhole into another dimension. I see stars, galaxies, entire universes are swirling around in your 3rd eye. I can see you doing a lot of travel thought here, clocking up many miles every day. I get that you’re like the cleaning last for the universe. You take your tools with you and you set about cleaning up your mess. Some of your past choices have kept you very busy lately. You head off about your work, but I get this feeling like you’re on automatic pilot. It doesn’t give you any thrill or enjoyment doing this clean-up work. I’m seeing that the planet you are from takes a lot out of you energetically. I chant the card and you are off again, you’re not going to sit around waiting for me to help you. I chant the Shadow card and it is revealed to me that you are all alone on this planet you call home. Most of your people have died while you have been gone. I don’t see destruction of your planet, you have been gone for some time and have returned to find everyone gone. I’m seeing a lazer beam of some kind wiping out all your fellow beings, brothers, sisters, everyone. And now I see why you travel so much, searching for the dimension when this happened so you can reap your revenge. We must heal this very large wounding. I tone 3 notes into your 3rd eye and then star language comes pouring through. We are spoken to by some very wise and a ancient elders, a council of some higher race of beings that explain why things played out the way they did. I try to restore the scene to one of peace and serenity but I just see white light all around you and the planet, the colour of snow it is so bright. You asked for your people back but it is refused. So you choose to ascend and join them in another dimensional plane. My vision is really affected throughout this process.

Heart So much releasing going on around your heart, im yawning constantly. Feeling a lot of resistance to my help, you can do it yourself! You don’t need my help! There is a hiding and a sheltering of your heart energy and whats really hidden in there. I get a flash of Sydney and I think of your husband. Your energy is very strong and I can see a “keep out” sign on your heart area. Danger, warning, yellow keep out tape, the works. The colour red comes with the taped off area, a lot of stored anger. I then become aware of a big dark hole where your heart should be. It’s a long long way down. I ask Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Master Jesus and St Germain to come and help heal this area. I see a giant pair of scissors come out and cut through the tape that is sectioning off your heart area and I am able to move in for a closer look at what is going on. What looked to be a big black hole is actually like a muddy, toxic pool of darkness, a deep layer of yuck suffocating and covering the heart and it needs to be removed and released and restored back to a place of beauty and light. I see Master Jesus sprinkle what I’m told is white gold onto the darkened area. It’s white powder but I’m told it’s like an alchemy solution, to help unlock this toxic spell that has been cast on you. There is a very strong Egyptian link to this life and a nasty sorceress connected to the spell. I feel like you ate something, some kind of toxin or poison and it literally blackened your heart. I’m seeing this blackness also connected to witchcraft, and voodoo. Many lives connected to dark magic. I bring in Rose Quartz colour and energy and hold my large Rose Quartz egg over my heart area. I bring this love energy into the centre of the circle we have all created around you and we all stand holding hands forming a complete circle around this darkened area of your heart. And we begin to rock and sing and sway and chant, and I hear the words ”heavenly vibration”. I see descending down from the heavens, a symbol of some kind, but made out of vibrational sound. It is clear, and as it lowers and goes into the mud, I can hear it hissing and sizzling, like its burning the pain. I can see this symbol is clearing away at the blackness, transforming dark into light, pain into forgiveness, and as the symbol lowers into your heart area further, I see it is a 5 pointed star in a circle. All this time my heart is hurting. When the symbol disappears, I see a golden key pop out of your heart, and I see a lions head on the end of the key. It is a galactic gateway key, and I hear the words “Lions Gate”. I waited for the heart to be fully healed, but when I looked under where the dark patch has been, I could see a chamber of dark liquid, that ran all the way down to your Sacral Chakra. I brought the symbol in at the Sacral and spun it slowly, working my way up along the passageway. So much yawning, and releasing. I hold the large Rose Quartz over my heart and breath that energy into your heart, but it’s still taking so much time to heal. So I bring in the Flower of Life symbol and use that instead. It rapidly speeds things up and heals the chamber much quicker, zipping all the way up to the heart, up through your throat and out through your Crown Chakras and mouth. Huge release and I shake all over.

If you would like to book a Shadow Healing with Kushla
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Shadow Healing Share

Leisa Crane
22nd October 2010

What is Shadow?

Those aspects of “self” which are not yet in light.

We have all been hurt in our lives, some people more than others, and we have learned to hide parts of personalities so we don’t get hurt again. The Shadow Self can be thought of as the repressed or denied parts of the self. Imagine that we are all born with a “360 degree personality.” When we were young, we expressed every aspect of this personality, without any thought of holding any arts back. But as we grew up, we learned to suppress some of this personality as it was deemed unacceptable by our peers. If you were punished for getting angry, laughed at for crying, or ridiculed for being proud of yourself. We learn to suppress these parts of our self; the ones that got us hurt.

These are the Shadows, the parts of ourselves that are not in the light, they are hidden away while we try to forget about them. They can be positive or negative traits, but they are denied parts of the self that we are trying to ignore, and are afraid to show people.

Key Words When Tuning Into Your Body

Way out in space, needs grounding

Blinkers on, doesn’t want to see what’s going on right in-front of her, partner related, possibly her son?

Tearing around heart area

Left knee out of whack

Left foot bandaged

Left side, feminine being pulled out of body

Lots of yawning, releasing very old stuff, throat is hurting

Areas of the Body to be Worked On

Eyes- “Not wanting to see a situation play out”

Thymus Chakra Stargate Activation

Shadow Aspect is Disappointment

Transmuting into Fulfilment

Ears - “Ringing loud and clear, warning bells being ignored”

Stellar Origins / Soul Blueprint

Shadow Aspect is Arrogance

Transmuting into Humility

Throat- (Tonsils) “Speak up, say something, do something, action required”

Multi-Dimensional Integration

Shadow Aspect is Resistance

Transmuted into Participation

Ankles - “Both broken, shattered, stopping you from moving forwards”

Original Source Remembrance

Shadow Aspect is Abandonment

Transmuted into Oneness

Then we begin the healing

Psyborg energy, green shields over your eyes, seeing the world very one dimensionally. Not feeling a connection to being human. Very Terminator type feeling. I hear the words “end of days”, I’m looking at a war scene, very robotic, your here to do a job and remain detached from the environment around you. The green hue of these glasses your wearing gives a serene calm energy to everything you see, we need to remove the goggles and see what’s really going on around you. Death and destruction, and you have played your part in destroying this planet you are on. Everything looks very beige, brown, orange, and there were strange animal type creatures that were also destroyed, wiped out. This was some kind of planetary war. I chant the Shadow card and I’m told “I can change this, I can heal it” this is you telling me this. I then see a kind of lazer beam coming out of your 3rd eye and out of your heart and scanning the destructive scene in-front of you. This beam goes in a vertical line up and down and scans around in a 360 degree movement and all the black and death and broken and ruined rubble etc is gone, dematerialised. All that remains is the planet. No life-forms, as you know they will reappear in time. The planet has been restored back to a neutralised state. It is healed.
I see a shell explosion in your heart, one of your kind, like another version of you in another dimension has been killed by some kind of warship; and it’s like there is this invisible chord connected to you. You are carrying this energetic loss in your heart for this person. Like your Twin Flame, your perfect other, they are no-longer with you, and you already know this (in this life). It’s like you have a big blast wound in your chest area where your heart should be. I chant the Shadow card. There is a deep weight in your heart area, I see an iron gate shut, bolted, welded shut, aint nobody getting in there to hurt you again! And it’s time to open you up to give and receive more love, and heart energy. I feel the need to concentrate on this area for quite a while. Chanting over and over in my head. I’m told you are connected to the Planet Sirius, it is your home planet. I ask your team of Sirian healing helpers to come and help to break the welded seal over your heart, and I have to laugh out loud. They turn up wearing welding masks and holding blow torches, and begin working on breaking the sealed gateway, sparks are flying everywhere. That outer layer comes off and then I see there is a huge heart shaped padlock as a secondary guard. They pull out a key and unlock the padlock and take it off. Under that is a zipper which gets unzipped and out springs your heart. It is literally on a metal spring coil, to detach it from your physical body. Out of your heart springs a little bird “cookoo, cookoo” I’m thinking what on earth does that mean?, and I hear the words “It is time”. The metal springs are removed, the zipper is removed and I’m seeing the 2 Sirians holding your heart, one on either side of your body, they are cradling your heart in their hands. Although they are androgynous, I sense they are balancing your heart with male/female energy. Your bright red heart that is beating so loud, becomes a soft pink colour and the beat slowly gets softer and softer. They place your heart back into your chest where it is now laying in a bed of soft pink rose petals.

Leisa's Feedback

"Before the healing I was having allot of trouble with my eyes, this has improved  I love the fact that I now have a soul group to connect with, since the healing I have been having the most amazing dreams.I feel more at peace and much more connected with who I am. This was my first shadow healing, at first I thought I don't think this is for me, I like the hands on stuff! But decided to give it ago, after setting up a time and date. Kushla email me when she was heading onto her healing room. So I decided I would go to the garden and rest in the hammock. Before I knew it an hour and half had gone by and I felt incredible. It was amazing I loved the fact how that I didn't have to go out to have healing and was able to be relax and be at ease at my own home! Kushla latter email me to see how I was and to ask a few questions to make sure I was opened to what she had seen. Kushla then rang me and went throught the healing with me. So many question where answered for me, so many blocks where cleared leaving me feeling more connected and having the most amazing dreams."  Love and Blessings Leisa Crane

If you would like to book a Shadow Healing, please contact Kushla

Nov 2, 2010

Distant Reiki Level 1 Attunement Testimonials

I just had a Reiki Level 1 Distant Attunement from Kushla, oh the bliss, I could actually smell flowers, and felt my hands buzzing. The Ascended Masters welcomed me, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude and love. I thank you with all my heart.
Argnesh Rose

I was pretty busy when you were doing the attunement, but later that night I did some of the hand positions and really felt some warmth in my body where I put my hands. In some spots it took awhile to come through, I don't know if that means it's an area that is a bit blocked? The headache that I'd had all day disappeared as well. I'm interested to see how things in my body go as in the past couple of days Ive come down with a cold. Hoping this helps it move along quickly. Thank you so much for the attunement, it's so lovely of you and sharing.
Melinda Davenport

I felt tingling in my left hand throughout and my left elbow started hurting but went as quick as it came and I was very light headed. I Reikied Joyce on her shoulder as soon as you finished, my little hands packed some heat. I then healed myself. It was really good but I am starting to get a headache. So I will just pump the water into myself. I would like to give my warmest thanks to Kushla, the attunement was amazing.
In the few days since the attunement, when I have practised on people it’s been great to experience the different sensations. Its been a wonderful experience and looking forward to Level 2
Thank you
John Howard

Thank you for the attunement. He thinks he is the ants pants now, Reiking everything he can get his hands on, (the chainsaw is out now??). So once again thank you so much for your generosity.
Blessings to you (John’s wife Joyce)

Ok, so let me tell you about my attunement. Brad had been sick all morning, so I wouldn't have the bed to myself, so I relocated to the spare room. I set up some candles and then all of a sudden thought "Labradorite". It literally just popped into my head, but felt so right. I washed my hands and even though they were cold, the crystal was warm when I picked it up. Wowwee! I knew I was on to something then - I've never felt anything like that before. As soon as I lay down I immediately felt like I had to place the labradorite on my chest and/or tummy, so placed in just in between/under my ribs. The second thought that I had was that this room should be my healing room. I don't know why, since it is set up beautifully as our spare room, but again, it just popped into my head. And felt right. Off on a little tangent here - when we moved into our house and we were deciding which rooms would be what, I had a vision of a 'healing room' with a table and other goodies - not sure what those other goodies were then and still aren't, but you know what I mean I'm sure! At the time, I was toying with the idea of doing a massage course, but thinking back on it now, I think I kind of knew that was close, but not quite right. I think Reiki was just waiting in my subconscious.
Ok, so as soon as I lay down I also noticed that the candles were flickering, even though there was no breeze or drafts in the room. Interesting. I started feeling the same tingling in my hands that I told you about the other day (a little bit in my feet too), but this time it was more prominent on my left side. After a few minutes I felt stronger tingles, almost like if it was a cartoon or something, it would be drawn as a shooting star coming out of my hand (that's the best way I can describe it!). It felt like I had energy that would shoot out of the tips of my fingers any second! Then I felt twitching in my right and left hands, more-so on the right and it went on for quite a while. The right one went on for quite a while and if I tried to still my hand, it was almost uncomfortable, so I let it do its thing until it was done.
I noticed about halfway through that I could see purple (even though I had my eyes closed. Not a really strong purple, a beautiful soft combination of blue and pink coming together. It felt happy, soothing and pretty. Then I saw love hearts. I could feel the (your?) love. Really! Then I saw an eye - open, but no particular colour, almost like a black and white drawing.
(I just re-read this sentence and it just hit me what it reminds me of - heiroglyphics! Just googled it, I think it was the eye of Horus, just without the lines underneath.)
The heart and eye alternated for a few seconds and then I saw something that I'm going to try and draw and email to you. I don't know much about the sacred geometry that you and Pete have learnt about and you channel in your drawings, but I thought that's what it was. That excited me.
The tingling in my hands continued throughout this time.
I opened my eyes about 20 minutes later and went straight back into our bedroom to place my hands on Brad. He was lying on his side, so I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other under his pillow. My hands still felt tingly and warm as well. But to touch (ie if I put them on my face), they were cool. After a minute or two, I felt a little twinge under my ribs on the right hand side. Initially I was going to describe this to you as pain, but it wasn't painful as such, but it made me aware that there was 'something' there. I focused on sending energy and healing vibes to Brad (he had a really bad headache and upset tummy), then I almost felt like something was pushing it back, or didn't want it/wasn't ready for it. I was worried I was 'pushing' too hard, so still focused on the energy, but didn't push it.
Then I placed one hand on Brad's hip and the other on his head, and got the same twinge, this time in my neck on the right hand side. Left my hands there for a while, until it felt right to move them, then placed my hands on his back. I got another twinge, but I've forgotten where that one was. I asked Brad if he felt better or if he could feel anything from my hands and he said no. My little heart sank. But then he said "I feel better when your hands are on me". That made me feel a bit better, and it is something he says to me all the time.
Jodie Simpson

I was actually able to lie down and close my eyes while you were doing the attunement today and found it very relaxing. I had no idea what I would feel or if I would feel anything at all. But a few minutes in, I felt a very strong tingle in my right hip. I then felt a light tickle on the bottom of my right foot just beneath my big toe. I also felt an ache (not painful) in my left shin. As you mentioned you would be working on the head and hands, that's where I was anticipating to feel things so was surprised to feel it elsewhere. At the end my daughter woke from her nap and I had to get up so I'm not sure if you were finished, but when I stood up and began to step away from my bed, I felt really light, almost like I was floating. This stood out for me because I have had pelvic joint pain all year since my daughter was born and it usually hurts to get up out of bed. My pelvis has not ached since the attunement! I came down with a sore throat and a cold yesterday so I hope that has not affected anything. I must note though that my throat is feeling alot better and I'm feeling quite well now this afternoon. Kushla, I know I've said it before but I think you have an amazing talent!!
I am absolutely fascinated by Reiki and am keen to learn more. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.
Lynette Wilkinson

I felt a warmth in my hands and a pressure on my right palm, like someone was holding my hand? I felt VERY calm and peaceful and then all at once I had a rush of positive affirmations going through my head, it was full on for a few minutes!!! I haven't felt that peaceful for a very long time!
I then put my hands on my head and on my heart, and then I saw your email about how to place your hands on yourself!! I was glad to know I had done it right. So it’s been about 2 hours since and now I feel sleepy, but good. Thank you so much for choosing me and giving me the chance to get my thoughts into shape!! Haha Big hugs
Lisa Williams

I tried to lay down and relax and about 5 minutes into it, my lips and around my mouth started tingling - a weird sensation I have never had before. Then about five minutes later my eyes were flickering and it was like I was seeing bright lights and colours - does this sound strange to you??
In any case it was extremely enjoyable and I would love to learn more about the whole process please. Thank you
Raine Smith

Well i can only say WOW...
I lay on my bed so I was away from noise and the everyday goings on in my house.
At first I felt tingles through my hands - then I felt as though my hands were being held.
I then had a feeling of warmth tingle through my body from top to bottom and back up again.
Afterwards I lay my hands on my stomach. Throughout the day I can only describe inner peace - after a bad week - I welcomed this. I felt a niggly knot in my stomach - which I am hoping was something from this attunement - as it was exactly where I had laid my hands.
I am truly in awe from this attunement and can’t wait for the next step on my journey.
Jo Ellard

On saturday I had a distant Reiki attunement from Miss Kush. I was unsure what to expect and as I have a pretty hectic life and didn't know if it would even work coz having 10 - 15 mins of peace and quiet on my own is a rarity! Anyway when Kush text me to say she was starting in 15 mins I was watching my daughter do triple jump in the middle of 100's of people at little athletics, and had been suffering from major back pain all morning!! I watched her first jump then headed to the toilets for my "peace & quiet" ( I might add sitting in a public loo is not really 'peace and quiet') anyway as I started to walk over there I went all funny from head to toe, vision blurred a little and actually felt a little queasy! Got to the toilets, grabbed the end cubicle shut the door and sat down, I closed my eyes and covered my ears and everything went dark and quiet for a few minutes! After that the reality set in and I had to leave, as I walked back to the triple jump pit I felt sharp pains running up my back (briefly ), really thirsty then had a craving for a hamburger. Within 10 mins my back pain was gone and I was extremely hungry and feeling pretty good! When we left we bought food went home and lay in bed for 10 mins, when i got up i felt amazing, happy and full of life! Then I took my daughter to a birthday party, she didn't feel well so we left early! When we came home we both lay on the bed and cuddled, next thing i knew it was 2 hours later! We'd both had a major sleep, all that good energy must have flowed into her too. In the past few days I have felt amazing, in the best mood, sleeping well and not so tired. Back pain has returned but I believe that's a result of hard work and a medical condition. So I'd just like thank Kushla and look forward to reading the feedback of others!

Erin Fynn

I laid down first at 1.57pm here. I put this CD I have its called Great Spirit, the first track is called The Calling. I love it so I lay down and felt quite emotional and I said thank you. I then was told to sit up, feet on ground, quite firm. hahaha. So I did what I was told. I then felt my whole face become hot and my hands were on fire for a short while. Then felt that I had something dangling in front of my 3rd Eye, it looked like a wand but old type, can’t really explain it. Then had these 2 eyes, they didn’t look human though, but sweet and cute if that makes sense. It was a bit weird at first, and I felt like I should open my eyes, but told to trust, so I did. Then it was just calm, felt like all my emotions of feeling unreal in this world, not the way it seems.
I feel a bit like not here, so I am going outside to put my feet in my dirt. I went outside with my crystal, my sacred turtle I call it. hahaha Thank you! Over weekend I will write a testimonial because you just are the best. Thank you for giving me something you got hun. It has made me feel I belong
Margaret Ioannidis – Reiki Master

I received my distance attunement to Reiki 1 from Kushla recently. Having already been attuned by another Reiki Master i knew it would be especially interesting to see what effects that it would have on me. Because of the time difference between us, i was actually asleep when the attunement took place, so of course a few epic dreams happened! ;o) I woke up the next day feeling energised and happy, ready to face the world so to speak. I read through an email from Kushla, and was most intrigued to find out that she had had a sore throat throughout my attunement. This is particularly interesting/accurate, as i'm a professional singer, and have had vocal problems for the whole of this year, brought on by psychological stress. Kushla had obviously picked up on this during the session. Throughout the day i felt the familiar sensation of Reiki energy that i had felt in my previous attunement, and it gave me a warm sense of happiness and well being. I now look forward to seeing what the "cleansing period" will bring and will certainly untertake the next few attunements if Kushla is up for it!
Stacey Kitson - Reiki Master

Oct 18, 2010

Reiki Level 1 With Kushla at The Love Bubble

Reiki Level 1 Group
16th & 17th October 2010

Here are some of the comments I received from the weekend

"Beautiful. It was an awsome experience being able to reconnect to my abilities and learning to trust myself again. Kushla you were down to Earth and a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful teacher. Thank you. Much love to you. Will deffinately be doing Level 2."
Amanda Dillon

"Thank you so very much for an amazing and magical weekend. Your teachings are very easy to connect with and your energy makes it all that much more exciting. I have had a beautiful time in your presence and feel very fortunate to have you as my teacher, so thank you lovey."
Holly Hedgman

"Thank you for an amazing and inspirational weekend that has helped me to open up to new paths and possibilities and I am so excited to be able to do more with you in the future."
Shannon Thai

"Wow! What a weekend. Kushla, you have an extraordinary gift and are a natural teacher. I feel very blessed to have been welcomed into your home and to have shared this experience with you. Much love."
Catherine Hunter

"Amazing. I am amazed, and suprised at what I can now do. Kushla, thank you for your support, love and reassurance that you gave me. You made me calm and capable. You truly are a gorgeous gifted person. Thank you for everything from here and beyond."
Tiffany Brieschke

"Kushla it was amazing, everything I expected and more. I am excited about doing Level 2 and going more and more into my spiritual life. Thank you for the experience."
Leisa Crane. 

Oct 5, 2010

The Love Bubble Wesbsite Music

"Spirit Healing Chants"
by Imee Ooi

Releasing Negative Karma, Creating Blessings & Abundance

In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is.

‘Spirit Healing Chants’ gently helps to heal negative experiences, revealing profound blessings and promoting abundance.

1. The Dharani of Sri Devi (Sanskrit) (29:48)

2. Maha Cunda Dharani (Sanskrit) (27:44)

This amazing CD is now available at The Love Bubble for $29

If you would like to listen to this CD go to

Oct 4, 2010

Sharing a Shadow Healing

I have been very lucky in being able to share this healing with you.
It was a distant Shadow Healing I did for a client last week.

Shadow Healing
20th September 2010

What is Shadow?

Those aspects of “self” that are not yet in light.

We have all been hurt in our lives, some people more than others, and we have learned to hide parts of personalities so we don’t get hurt again. The Shadow Self can be thought of as the repressed or denied parts of the self. Imagine that we are all born with a “360 degree personality.” When we were young, we expressed every aspect of this personality, without any thought of holding any arts back. But as we grew up, we learned to suppress some of this personality as it was deemed unacceptable by our peers. If you were punished for getting angry, laughed at for crying, or ridiculed for being proud of yourself. We learn to suppress these parts of our self; the ones that got us hurt.

These are the Shadows, the parts of our-selves that are not in the light, they are hidden away while we try to forget about them. They can be positive or negative traits, but they are denied parts of the self that we are trying to ignore, and are afraid to show people.

Key Word - Abuse

What was going on with The Clients body?

The whole left side of the body – left side of the body is ‘receiving’ and feminine energy

Both Eyes – not wanting to see how this issue effects her life

Heart – big hearted, but wounded heart area, love of self

Left hand had a puncture wound – also receiving energy

Reproductive Area affected – not wanting the child that is her destiny

Left Knee – moving forwards in life

Left Foot – grounding

The areas I was told to focus on were your head, heart, stomach and legs. I then drew some Sacred Geometry cards for each of the areas we were working with which showed the issues and also the shadow aspect affecting it. I then focused those geometries into your body, sounded the chants that go with each template, and projected healing.

We had a few helpers in the room Master Jesus, Mother Mary, my Guides, your Guides, and my galactic buddies La-Itsafar and the Andromedean healing team.

Head - Thought patterns

Divine Will

Transmuting Control into Surrender

Heart - Lack of Love of Self

Feminine Principal

Transmuting Addiction into Independence

Stomach - Can’t stomach the emotions that go with the abuse

Mer Ka Ba Light-body Activation

Transmuting Resistance into Participation

Legs - Moving forwards with your life

Thymus Chakra Star Gate

Transmuting Fear into Wellbeing

** Then we begin the healing **

Head Loads of yawning which releases really old, stagnant energy. Toned 3 notes into your crown chakra and blew the breath of life in (this is actually similar to what I do when doing a Reiki attunement – interesting!) Had to heal your head in a prayer position, looked a lot like a yoga position and I was told that yoga would be of benefit to you. A nice and gentle movement of the body, to help shift some energy around. I also 'heard' Kookaburra’s which symbolise JOY!

Heart Your heart was covered in pins, like a voodoo curse, hundreds of them. Started pulling some of them out and though this is going to take forever, so I did this “Care Bear” move and blasted them with a big beam of pink love energy from my heart, and they all transmuted instantly. Saw loads of gold and silver tiny bubbles cover your heart, at first I didn’t know what they were, but then I was told they were bubbles of love and light creating a sort of “bubble wrap” effect over your heart for protection. So sweet! My heart was hurting throughout this process. I looked out the healing room window and focused on a bright green bush with pinky red flowers, and channelled that energy into your heart, as these are the colours of the heart chakra.

Stomach I saw these metal clamps on your lower abdomen area, they looked like big bulldog clips and were folding over two layers of skin and clamping them together. I kept hearing the words ‘stomach stapling’ this was stopping energy flowing and this area working properly. I was burping a bit and yawning around your stomach when I chanted the shadow template; which is once again releasing stagnant energy. I removed the big clamps, to see that you had a secondary restraint, just in case I got through the first barrier. You had a large stitching going across the stomach in a zig-zag motion, once again folding over your stomach area, folding it in on itself. I had to unstitch it bit by bit until all the thread was out, but you then had scar tissue and mutation to the skin that needed repairing. I asked Mother Mary to help out, and she directed a beautiful stream of rose pink energy at the affected area. I watched on as your skin slowly became smooth again. And you were left with this beautiful porcelain white, flat stomach, without a hint of damage or scarring. I couldn’t resist kissing your tummy and I heard the words “all ready now.” Just when I was about to move on to the next area I saw this giant eye on your tummy, and I heard the words “watch this space”. As I moved on to your legs I had all this amazing tingling energy pour down all over my head, this is Angelic energy, how beautiful.
Legs When I looked at your legs you had these big braces on them, callipers? Just like Forrest Gump. They reached all the way up to your thighs, all metal and leather, and they were literally stopping you from moving forwards with your life. When I chanted the templates I had a huge shudder (releasing) and the chants affected my head a lot as well, like something was opening up for you spiritually. After the chants these giant zippers appeared down the sides of the callipers, so I unzipped them all the way from the top to the bottom. When the callipers were removed I could see that your flesh just stopped where the callipers had begun, and from your thighs down was just bone. You didn’t even have feet, just a rounded off shin bone. I asked Master Jesus to help with fusing your legs back on and he worked on the cells, the blood, the bone, the veins, the skin and flesh etc to make you new legs. When your legs were complete I noticed they were mans legs (connected to this past life we were working on) and then they changed into having birds feet instead of human feet. This confused me at first, but I was told you are from the Bird People Tribe. I thought this may be of some Red Indian connection at the time, but I just realised while typing this up that back in Atlantis all kinds of experiments were done on humans and animals to make a new race of humans. So I just googled Bird People Tribe and this is what I found

It might take your head a bit to get used to but I hope you are open to this concept as I know it to be true. Through my own experiences I now work with a race of star beings from the planet Andromeda, yep, not something I tell people at the dinner table haha.

You also had these pretty golden rings around the tops of each thigh which had to come off, then there were another two, one around each ankle, and then another on your left foot. Had to give you another Care Bear blast and these came off very easily. When the golden rings were removed (some kind of control device) your new legs began to glow an amazing golden yellow and I heard the words “to walk in the path of God” I didn’t know what this meant, but then I was told you are to be a healer.

When I stepped back to check out your body it was radiating electric blue and gold light out in all directions. I closed the energy into all of your chakras and asked you to breath in through your crown chakra, through your body and out through your feet to help ground the energy.

And the healing was complete.

With Love & Many Blessings


Clients Response

"After feeling very emotional, overwhelmed and out of sorts for weeks, I received a distant Shadow Healing from Kushla... and it was incredible. I've never experienced anything like it! I felt rested and was in an almost meditative state during the healing. The clearings/healing Kushla did on my body were well overdue and she also helped release stagnant energy, leaving me feelng calm, refreshed and glowingly positive. Even my husband noticed and felt and shared my happy energy all afternoon :)

After my healing, Kushla phoned to discuss it with me and share the experience. I also received a thorough write up of the healing - from the processes Kushla used, to the images and messages she received, as well as suggestions for continued benefits.
I highly recommend a healing with the beautiful and talented Kushla for anyone and everyone - I can't thank her enough for this most amazing and awesome experience!"

Sharing a Shadow Healing

I have been very lucky in being able to share this healing with you I did on a first time client last week. It was a distant Shadow Healing on someone I have never met before.

Shadow Healing

21st September 2010

What is Shadow?

Those aspects of “self” which are not yet in light.

We have all been hurt in our lives, some people more than others, and we have learned to hide parts of personalities so we don’t get hurt again. The Shadow Self can be thought of as the repressed or denied parts of the self. Imagine that we are all born with a “360 degree personality.” When we were young, we expressed every aspect of this personality, without any thought of holding any arts back. But as we grew up, we learned to suppress some of this personality as it was deemed unacceptable by our peers. If you were punished for getting angry, laughed at for crying, or ridiculed for being proud of yourself. We learn to suppress these parts of our self; the ones that got us hurt.

These are the Shadows, the parts of ourselves that are not in the light, they are hidden away while we try to forget about them. They can be positive or negative traits, but they are denied parts of the self that we are trying to ignore, and are afraid to show people.

** At this stage I then draw an image of the body and draw what I see (image above) and see what words come through about what needs to be healed **

Key Words – Opening the heart

What was going on with The Clients body?

Right eye twitching – stress related to a male, not wanting to see what’s going on

Heart – big break line down the middle

Groin area – iron underwear, “no go zone” strict upbringing

The areas I was told to focus on were your eyes, heart and feet and as I was about to begin I saw a caterpillar on the window, symbolising the cacoon phase you are in right now, before emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

I drew some Sacred Geometry cards for each of the areas we were working with which showed the issues and also the shadow aspect affecting it. I then focused those geometries into your body, sounded the chants that go with each template, and projected healing. I asked for my Guides, your Guides, and my galactic buddies La-Itsafar and the Andromedean healing team to help out with your healing. I also saw you have a huge team of fairies and elementals working with you.

Eyes- To see the beauty within

Divine Mind Higher Intelligence

Transmuting Abandonment into Oneness

Heart - Lack of Love of Self, Opening to the Universal Love

Human Self Planet Earth Arrival

Transmuting Arrogance into Humility

Feet - Grounding the Galactic Energy

Mer Ka Ba Light-body Activation

Transmuting Addiction into Independence

** Then we begin the healing **

Can’t stop yawning, releasing so much ancient energy, old stagnant energy, stuff that has been sitting in your energy system for a long time. My nose starts running which is also symbolic of emotional release, and I am very tense through my shoulders and neck area, like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. My heart is bleeding.

Head Loads of yawning which releases really old, stagnant energy. You have a golden crown on your head, it’s very pretty and unusual. You have loads of fairies and elementals behind you, they are very protective of you, but they have sadness and fear in their eyes. You seem to be like a ‘sleeping beauty’ you are not awake, but are not dead, you are somewhere in-between. You have had a spell of some kind cast on you, and the fairies watch over you waiting, waiting for their Queen to awaken and be released. They are telling me that the jewels in your crown have been stolen and that this somehow controls your energy field, your protective field. There is much darkness around you, and I see a very dark warlord being lurking in the shadows. It feels like you are bait in his trap for a much more ‘powerful prize’. I can see he has your jewels, they are amazing, huge big red ruby’s. I get told you are a Sylph, an air elemental, and a trap for the Fairy King. I ask the fairies for help, and they remove a leather pouch from the Warlords belt which has a potion in it to revive you. When it is sprinkled over you, you burst into life and you strike the Warlord with your wands energy over and over and over. He is turned into a toad but it is taking all your energy to keep him in this form as you strike him over and over with your wands light. He finally offers up the Ruby gems to you when he can take it no more. The Ruby’s are large, but shrink down energetically to fit into your dainty crowns fixtures, and you are returned to full power and protection. I now see heart energy beaming from you with thanks, just beautiful. I am later told that the Fairy King had stolen a golden orb from the Warlord, and I ask him to return it to its rightful place, and he gratefully does so.

Heart When tuning into your heart I feel lumps in my throat, like I’m really holding back words and emotions, trying to hold them in. I ask “what has caused you so much pain?” And your body replies “You don’t want to know!” I see a beautiful open rose in your heart space, a lovely light pink colour, symbolising your heart. When I look behind the rose, I see all the thorns piercing into your heart and the poison that is going from the thorns and into your system. The rose is what you show the world, but behind it there is much pain and hurt. There is a network of pain receptors that the thorns are tapped into, then some areas are covered, and others with sticky tape over them to repair them. I zapped the thorns with a big beam of rose pink love energy from my heart, I have a big shudder as the energy is released and transformed. I remove the rose from your heart once all the thorns have disappeared, and hand it back to you. You still had the channels of toxic energy behind the heart, so I blasted them with the rose pink love beam, until I saw all the black was gone, and the wound was sealed over.

Legs, Feet & Lower Body Huge yawn after chanting the Elvin language, and I am overcome with the need to lay down and go to sleep. It’s really affecting my energy levels like I don’t want to go on with the healing. Someone is telling me your life story in fast forward, like it’s an epic tale. A long road has brought you to the now, if I was to hear it all I would be exhausted. Sometimes it was so difficult for you, you felt like you didn’t want to go on. I am told the final part of this healing will take place in another room. I am to take your body, and the geometries, and go to my bedroom. I lay down with these items and a huge Lumerian crystal next to my left leg, and a large Abundance crystal on my right leg. I am told to take you to meet your family in Andromeda.

You have a huge Star Being connection to the same planet as me which is very exciting, and I got to take you home. I can’t say this has ever happened in a healing before, so it was very exciting for me. Part of what is holding you back (with your legs) is your connection to planet Earth and your lack of connection to the Stellar Beings who are patiently waiting to work with you.

If you can, please print this healing out, and place it under your bed when you go to sleep. I feel like the healing got cut off part way through, and the rest will come through tonight for you. This healing was pretty huge, and a very magickal experience for me to see the beautiful beings you work with, what a treat! It is also very exciting for me that you are from the same place as me, I have met one other Andromedean lately, it is so nice for me when I feel like I have no family, that I do have a very loving one, they are just on another planet.

With Love and Many Blessings


Clients Response

"Thank you so much for the amazing healing, it revealed so much about who I am, adding to the puzzle pieces that make up this person.. It helped me to connect to the Fairy realm and explore parts of my history. It seems to just keep going too! It has been one of the most accurate and powerful healing I ever had... I would recommend it to all my friends.. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!"

Oct 3, 2010

A Little Update

Wow what a month September was!!!
Ups and downs and round and rounds. Overall though we had a brilliant month of cleansing, clearing and surrendering to the powers that be. Launching the website and having my birthday on the same day proved to be a great idea (thanks crew) and it was the best birthday so far. We had breakfast at Sunrise Beach and there were whales not too far out, leaping in the air and waving their wings at us, what an absolute treat!

Hanging out with my boys all day and receiving amazing feedback on the new website just topped it all off.

Well I’m glad September and all the Luna craziness has ended (mostly) and I’m VERY proud to announce that The Love Bubble had nearly $3,500 in product sales for the month of September which is AMAZING considering we didn’t have a website, and hadn’t done any advertising other than word of mouth and our great Face Book Fan Page.

So I would like to say a HUGE big thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word about The Love Bubble, it is so very much appreciated. A HUGE thank you to all our lovely fans for making my birthday wish come true, which was to get 1,111 fans on our page. I woke up on the 25th and checked the site and sure enough 1,111 fans – brilliant. Even in the last week we have managed to gain another 74 fans, so The Love Bubble vibe is spreading like wild fire.

I would also like to say a big congratulations to our September competition winner Kyle Bryce who won a FREE numerology report worth $150. I’m so glad you enjoyed all the information you received, as it was good fun doing it for you.


This month we won’t have a competition as such; I am offering a free gift with every purchase from The Love Bubble weather it is from the website or from the Face Book Fan Page. This is my way of saying thank you for Sharing the Love.

Also I am now available for Healings & Readings again after some much needed time off, to get the website finished in time. I have a few bookings already, so if you would like to schedule a time and date for a Healing or Reading then please message me to arrange.

We have some new and exciting things coming to The Love Bubble, so watch this space!

With Love, Light & Many Blessings


Sep 30, 2010

Light Transmission

La Itsafar

27th September 2010

Dear Beloved One,

And so the time is here where our work together will deepen and grow and blossom into something quite amazing. We are very proud of your ongoing efforts with The Love Bubble and all the hard work you have done to make it the loving success that it is.

We grow tired of others on a similar mission that go down the path of ego and get lost from their original plans. We have watched as you have been battered like a ships sail in the rough seas. You have been tested over and over again and you have got right back up and carried forward on your mission; and for this you will be greatly rewarded.

You recently had a reading done and we watched with humorous interest as you asked certain questions that triggered fear in the answers. Know that if you wish to know anything about your path and your greatness, you are to ask only us. The information will not be accessible by others, as it is for you and you only.

We will communicate with you more regularly now, until it becomes daily. We have much to teach you and there are many things for us to share with the world. Do not worry yourself with what to do with the information. Simply post it and we will do the rest. Do not forget also that they are our words, and these transmissions are encoded with a special light frequency from our planet that will affect everyone who reads them; some more than others.

You are doing really well and we want you to know your efforts have not been overlooked. With every challenge that was set, you passed through with ease and grace and most importantly love in your heart. This is the key – Love & Integrity!

We have now bestowed more of your gifts on you, given you access to greater levels of your Akashic Records, as we know you will now use these gifts for the greater good of humanity. We will ease you into these new changes gently, and for now, don’t worry yourself as to what they are. You will be delighted (both of you) when you discover the magick with which they work.

Now for your new healing techniques; how great that you are revelling in your new found powers. They were always there, they simply needed unlocking. The ability to see into and around the human body by distance is a nifty little trick we like to use also. How else would we keep tabs on you?

For now we wish for you to take things easy. Be good to your body. Be good to each-other. Get out in the sun and move your body to the rhythm of life.

With love in our hearts, and stars in our eyes.

La Itsafar and The Galactic Race of Andromeda

Channelled by Kushla Skinner-Storey
27th September 2010

Sep 26, 2010

Latest News from The Love Bubble

Latest News from The Love Bubble

Well I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who checked out our new website and for all the amazing feedback you gave about it.

I thought I would take a moment to mention a bit about some new things happening with the website and the business.

  • There are over 44 new items coming to some amazing new designs that I’m sure your all going to love.

  • I will now be focussing on a mens range of jewellery, stock has been ordered and I’m very excited to hear the feedback from our many male Love Bubble fans

  • After many requests I will now be offering wholesale prices on the jewellery items

  • There are over 60 crystals to be added to the site, with even more to come in the next few weeks

  • I will now begin my lifelong dream of creating an Oracle Deck – watch this space!

  • I have added distant Reiki attunements and distant Reiki courses to the services I provide

  • I am also available for childrens healings and attunements (these can be done in person or via a distant healing / attunement

There is still a LOT more in the pipeline, but for now, this will keep me very busy indeed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to connection with you all again soon.

Much Loves


The day before I launched The Love Bubble website I decided to pull one of my cards, and this is what I got

24th September 2010


“Hurricanes and floods were followed by tidal waves that swept over the land uprooting everything in its path. The earth opened and swallowed whole mountains and villages. The force of nature was so great, that surely the world would be destroyed by the four winds. Yet even the last fragment of the world as we knew it, was taken away so we recognised nothing. Even in the final darkness before the sun returned, even in the final darkness before the sun returned, even as the last rain drop fell, a boab seed sprouted.

“Destruction” is the nineteenth step of the alchemical journey and the first step of the third phase. If you look at the bigger picture of alchemy you will see that cards 1-9 worked through the lessons of opening up to physical vibrations and cards 10-18 worked through an inner journey of the soul. We know now that the two work side by side and are united in a way that allows them to retain their separateness. As it is on the physical plane, so it is on the spiritual one. The physical relationships we have are mirrored in the spiritual ones as well as the spiritual ones in the physical.

“Destruction” is a card that shows the completion of all things. This is a final death of all that is past and a promise of all that is to come. From here on, the physical and spiritual realms become as one and we live and work through the influences of both. Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon have melded in this picture and come to earth. They are in the heavens and deep within the earth and the waters of life flow through them. In the destruction of all things, so we can see the regrowth of the trees. The new growth carries all the memories of what has past and nothing is lost.

No matter how hard we try we can not destroy the physical world any more than we can destroy the spiritual one. In all destruction there must be rebirth and in all rebirth remains the memory of what has gone before. Not a single thought or action is forgotten. It is all out there in the universal energy and we are called on to remember this when we step into a new phase and start a new journey. Though we are called on to leave all the past behind us it remains a part of a much larger picture than we can see and stays in the Karmic place of the universe.

There is excitement surrounding our next steps – this is the final leg of this journey.

The number 19 (10=1) brings a vibration of new beginnings and strength. It contains the energy of the universe and represents all numbers. 19 brings the gift of healing and universal love. It carries with it memories of all the lessons you have learnt to date so you may draw strength from them."

These cards are amazing and I have had them for many years now. If you are interested in purchasing some they will be available shortly at

Sep 20, 2010

Reiki 1 Weeekend at The Love Bubble

18th & 19th September 2010
Here's a photo of our beautiful group of Reiki 1's, my son Keizan, and a friendly orb.

Here are some of the lovely comments from my students

"A fantastic, uplifting weekend and a pleasure to have met a wonderful group of women.
Thank you  very much Kushla"

"Great interaction, useful tools, and great environment. Looking forward to using what I have learnt"

"Thank you Kushla, so much!
Wow, I could listen to you forever.
Very well organised and lots of info in book. Made me very confident to do this.
Cant wait to get out there and share"

"Very touched to be given this wonderful gift.
Very entertaining. Born natural teacher. Conducted very well.
Loved the Egyptian oils, course information we and easily understood.
Love the pink, you wear it well.

"Very informative, friendly, relaxed.
Had a great weekend. Thanks heaps Kushla.
Had a fantastic weekend and really looking forward to start some Reiki healing.
See you on the Reiki 2 weekend"

"Thank you Kushla for the wonderful weekend. You are a great teacher,
a true blessing"

"Had a very enjoyable weekend.
Kushla is down to earth and seh explained many things.
Would recommend to anyone"

Sep 16, 2010

Upcoming Events

18th & 19th Reiki 1 - Fully Booked

2nd Jewellery Addicts Annonimus
16th & 17th Reiki 1 - Fully Booked
23rd Reiki Share Afternoon

6th & 7th Reiki 2 - Fully Booked
27th & 28th Reiki 2 - Places Available

February 2011
25th Reiki Masters - Places Available


Sep 15, 2010

Love Bubble Lovelies

" I received my beautiful "Oracle Of Shadows & Light" cards from The Love Bubble several months ago and i've not stopped using them since. :o) They are quirky, original and accurate, i love them! The presentation in which they arrived was really special, and what touched me the most was the surprise of receiving the gift of a beautiful, sparkling butterfly ring. Stunning work."

Stacey Kitson, London

Reiki 1 Attunement Testimonial

I did my first ever Reiki 1 attunement today and it blew both our minds!
I was roasting hot, litterally sweat on my forehead, and such an intensely high energy in the room.
I used my sacred geometry templates and Ishtana (my large Lumerian crystal) and also the Flower of Life template. We had all the elemental kingdom, the devas, the earth elements, Dr Usui and my andromedean crew to name a few, and it felt like the room was packed.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process and so did the person I attuned. I cant wait for this weekend when I teach my first Reiki 1 class woo hoo!

Here's what Peter had to say about his attunement

15 September 2010

I have just experienced a Reiki Level 1 attunement from Kushla Skinner Storey, and I have to say WOW! As I sat in the chair while Kushla did the preparation for the attunement, I felt a great sense of peace come over me as we were joined by the many Spirit Helpers and Star Beings.

When Kushla invited Dr Usui into the room, I REALLY felt his presence, so much so I was brought to tears.

As the attunement began I felt as though she had popped a champagne cork to my soul, as I felt a euphoric explosion of tingles, first heading skywards, then returning back down and filtering through me very gently and soothing all the cells in my I said......... WOW!

I have been attuned to Reiki 1 twice before, and I was pleasantly surprised how different the experience was for me.

Thank you for this most sacred experience, another milestone for us, yay!

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Hervey Bay will be hosting an awareness day
September 25th
10.30am - 2.30pm
Gatakers Bay (play area)

What do I have to do?
Quite simply; write the word LOVE on your arm. That is all we ask of you.
You can either have it pre-written or pay a gold coin donation to have an artist pop it on your blank canvus.

Two local Photographers have banned together to organise this day Nicky Jackson from Nicky Jackson Photography and Tegan Fowler from Fowler Photography. These two gals will be running around taking photos on the day, and would like to also organise an mass community group photo with everyones arms in the air showing their LOVE.

There are also talks with another amazing lady (name withheld) inregards to making a book sharing stories and photographs from local women who have overcome obstacles, who have overcome illness, tragedy etc showing their strength and the light at the end of their darkness. The book aims to be very inspiring ..... and possibly healing for women. (more info to come soon)

Lots of local Businesses will be donating their time and items for an auction. All money raised at the auction will go to charity. Its about spreading a cause world wide.. helping people understand that these things happen to everyday people like ourseleves.. this is our way of giving back to those that have helped us through so much xx

Check out their Facebook page!/pages/To-Write-Love-On-Her-Arms-Hervey-Bay/155021001193645

Check out their website

Sep 11, 2010

DVD Review - The Moses Code

The Moses Code $35


Thirty-five hundred years ago, God gave Moses a gift that changed the future of humanity. Some of the most incredible miracles in history came from applying a simple code, activating the power of the creative force of God in the world. This ancient technology has largely been lost or ignored since then, only to be revealed once again through this movie (as well as James Twymans book of the same name). This code, if finally applied by humanity, has the power to transform the planet, as well as add the richest blessings to all of us. Some of the best-known spiritual teachers in the world join James in this film, and offer tools that show us how we can apply the Moses Code to our lives. This is the foundation upon which the Law of Attraction is built. The film focuses on the power of Soul Manifestation, drawing upon our own innate spiritual ability to produce miracles everywhere we go. Many other films and books have focused on using the Law of Attraction to get the things we believe we need for example, houses, cars, or other goods. The Moses Code takes the next much more important step showing how to use this law to give from the soul, automatically attracting spiritual blessings to us!
What We Thought
Peter and I just watched this DVD and I must say it takes a little while to get going. We were thinking oh typical American blah blah, this is just like What The Bleep, The Shadow Effect and The Davinci Code Decoded, but as the dvd played on, it got better and better. One of my favourite bits included the deconstruction of Moses in the bible and how it relates to the real world today.
There were a few times when we stopped the dvd to discuss something that was talked about as we found it very interesting and thought provoking. The I AM is a very interesting topic that is talked about throughout this dvd. "I Am That, I Am"
Overall The Moses Code was very interesting and worth a look. It built up and up and ended with me and Pete in tears, haha brilliant!
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Sep 10, 2010

Kushla's Clairvoyant Reading Testimonials

Madam K (as i affectionately call her) has been truly inspirational and a very big part of my recent growth as a person. I’ve struggled with relationships all my life and Kushla, although careful with what she told me, was always insightful and at times, quite freaky with the advise she gave. There was in fact a point, where I think she knew me better than I did myself and although I have known Kushla for quite a few years, we haven’t up until recently been that close, so the things she said and knew, were beyond any friendship we had.

Her predictions have been a little too close for comfort at times, due to bad choices that I’ve made, she would know when to call me, out of the blue. At times I’ve gone to email or call her for advice, and my phone would ring, it would be Kushla! She is that tuned in that I actually avoided her at times when I knew I was making a bad choices.

I hope I too have been influential in Kushla making the decision to share her insight with others, as I know she was often reluctant to share her thoughts for fear of perhaps not being as accurate as one would hope; but as her confidence grew, so did my demands on her. Every single time I’ve asked for advice, or been given some insightful direction by Kushla, the only word I can use to describe her accuracy is “freaky”.

As bazaar as it sounds, she even knew where my sons lost phone was!

If you are lucky enough to get a reading or any other help from Kushla, you too can be as blessed as I have been.

Narelle Gaunt   Perth, West Australia

Kushlas insight and skill within the spiritual realm is a beautiful thing to have shared the presence of. She has guided and taught me how to harness and build my gifts and interpret my dreams. Her readings are in depth and always accurate and her healings are absolutely beautiful. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from this beautiful and very special woman.

Angela Hoover    Perth, West Australia

I recently got a reading done by Kushla

A lot of the things she found were so true. she touched on some really personal experiences that I have had, which was amazing as I have never meet or spoken to Kushla before and unless you knew me there is no way you would have known that information. Her reading gave me so much insight and positive feelings for the journey that lay ahead of me.

Thank you so much Kushla

R Bos Perth WA

Thank you so very much for you reading. It brought tears to my eyes to how true you were about my life and how I am living at the moment. It made me realise and believe in myself more and to be honest with myself. Its funny I have known you for so long but we have never discussed my private life or my feelings and in one reading you pinned everything thing down in my life.

What you wrote about my relationship was 100%. I made a life changing decision due to your reading and I have never felt more alive and better and happy with myself. I feel like the Super Stace I once was has come back, and this all happened over the weekend. You wrote about me spending time in the country as this is where I am at peace, and I spent 5 days in the country and I have come out a better, stronger person. Ive come out of it as ME!

I am a person who needs to be out with nature, I was calm and you were right, I need my country air, space, nature all around me. I need my family, animals and open spaces. I most definatly need to be around my horse again.

I shared a part of the reading with my mum and she could not believe how accurate you were, she was so amazed and she does not believe in things like this. (I think she will be emailing you soon, teehee).

You wrote about me meeting a guy who has traits just like my father, and you said the number 5 kept comming up, I think I met this person on the weekend, when I was not even looking. My father is a wonderful brilliant man and everything this person did was just like my dad that I even told him, and the number 5 was around me in everything from age to dates of birth, to street addresses ( to being my favourite number). You wrote about me travelling and in 2 days I was discussing me travelling with this person alone or with him.

For once in my life I feel like the Strong person I used to be back in the country, and I know in my heart that I belong there, and I will go back.

Thank you Kush for reminding me of who I am, for reminding me that I do deserve to be happy... writing this is bringing tears to my eyes, I wish I could give you a hug right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my girl.

Love Super Stace xxxx

Stacey O'Connor, Perth, West Australia

I had a reading done by Kushla and considering she wasnt even looking at me or a photo it was amazing what she could pick up. She picked up a name to do with my son, this is actually my fathers name, my son does share a few looks of my father so this was nice to have that come through. With my daughter Kushla picked her personality traits and her openness to the spiritual world which i found very interesting, especially saying she loves to play with her imaginary friends as we have quite a few friends, one with the same name as my husbands deceased brother.

I would recommend Kushla to do a reading for you as she is quite amazing.

Thanks once again
Stacey B    West Australia

I had the pleasure of recently having a clairvoyant reading done by the wonderful Kushla.....and, let me just say, Wow!!!   I'm honestly not sure where to start telling you how amazing it was...!
Not only does her love and intuition clearly show through the work that she does (I'm not sure I've met anyone more suited to their calling than the talented Kush!), but the insights she offered me and information she provided truly blew me away. While we have known each other for quite a few years, it is just not possible for Kush to have known previously alot of the information she was able to give me in my reading.

The advice that she has given me, just through this reading, along with the clarity and love and support she offers, has shown me that not only does Kushla have a beautiful heart and soul, but also that she is truly gifted.

Having had a few different readings over the years, there is no-one else that I would (and have!) gladly and enthusiastically recommend than Kush. And I'm very proud to call her my friend, too!

Jodie Simpson, West Australia