May 17, 2010

Help Theda

I recently watched a movie called The Living Matrix, all about how to heal the human body through natural means, and the power of thought and intention. Its a simple film, but it had a very strong effect on me personally. The next day i was reading a magazine article about a lady called Theda Myint who has been suffering for over 10 years with chronic fatigue. I was very moved by the article as i had suffered very dibilitating illness myself when i returned from Egypt in 2007. Unlike Theda i did not have the support of my family to help me through what was one of the hardest times of my life, but i did however have a fantastic partner who kept me fighting through each day.

So i decided to do something i havent been brave enough to do before, i emailed Theda's charity contacts and asked if i might be able to perform weekly distant healings on her. I made no promisses for a miracle cure, but one thing the human body needs to heal, is love, and i have plenty to share.
Im writing this in the hopes that anyone else reading this might also like contact someone in need like Theda, and offer your help in some way. If you would also like to help Theda, you can make a donation at this site

Its all about 'Sharing The Love'.